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Nonomiya Toru

  • Faculty:Creative Arts and SciencesPosition:Professor Emeritus
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Assigned Class

  • Creative Arts and Sciences

Research Field

  • Sports science
  • Keywords:Sport History

Current Subject

  • Sport history of Northern Europe
    Keywords:Sport , idrott , the Norse mythology , 1976-
  • A study on lifetime-sport
    Keywords:lifetime-sport , environmental capacity , new sport , 1973-


Books, Articles, etc.

  • The Turn of the Modern Sport
    Sobunsha, 2001
  • Encyclopedia of new-sport terms
    Yugisha, 2000
  • Political science of sport
    Kyorinshoin, 1999
  • Encyclopedia of ice and snow sport
    Taishukan, 1997
  • An illustrated sport history
    Taishukan, 1996
  • A change of sports technique and rule in society
    Sobun Kikaku, 1996
  • Lectures on sport history
    Taishukan, 1995
  • A consideration and propagation of foreign sports
    Sobun Kikaku, 1995
  • A Scheme of lifetime-sport
    Yugisha, 1995
  • Propagation of sport
    Sobun Kikaku, 1993
  • A small dictionary of an aphorism of sport
    Yugisha, 1992
  • Encyclopedia of sport
  • A chronicle of physical education and sport
  • A theoretical structure of modern physical education and sport vol. 2
  • Lectures on history of physical education and sport
    Taishukan, 1984
  • An undercurrent of modern Swedish gymnastics
  • A cultural studies of sport
  • A history of idea on physical education and sport leaders
  • A proposition of good neighborhood in which grownup should be concerned with sport for children
    Journal of Sport for All, 28(5):15-17, 2006
  • A historical study on interpretation of teaching materials of apparatus exercise
    Journal of Physical Education, 54(11):30-33, 2006
  • Q&A of children's mind,body and sport
    &0d0a;Sport for all, Vol.27(9):18-19, 2005
  • A consideration of the past days and the future on sport for the disabled
    Proceedings of the 19th meeting of the Japan Sciety of Sport History, 2005
  • A study on personal experience of quantity in childhood~Through the careful observation~
    A bulletin of kindergarten attached to Aichi Univ. of Education, Vol.33, 2004
  • Gentle-looking age of recreation for human beings and environment
    The board of education at Okayama Prefecture, Vol.646,4-7, 2003
  • A study on two periodicals of sport for disabled which were suspended
    A bulletin of the Japan Society of Sport History, No.56, 2003
  • A study on personal experience of quantity in childhood
    A bulletin of kindergarten attached to Aichi Univ. of education, Vol.32, 2003
  • A consideration of life environment in which the children will be brought up their encounter and relationship &0d0a;
    A bulletin of kindergarten attached to Aichi Univ. of Education, Vol.31, 2002
  • A brief history of new-sport
    Sport for All, 20(12):8-12, 1998
  • A cultural aspect of sport events
    Journal of Health,Physical Education and Recreation, 46(5):365, 1996
  • Are Olympic-Games changed completely?
    Journal of Physical Education, 44(1):30, 1996
  • A brief sport history-new sport
    Journal of School Physical Education, 49(3):68, 1996
  • An aspect of sport culture on international competition
    The Monthly Journal of MOMBUSHO, 61(1418):18, 1995
  • The Impact of European Culture on Japanese Sport Culture
    The Silk Roads Nara International Symposium' 95, 3:97-101, 1995
  • What is the new sport?
    A society for the study of the New Sport, 1993
  • A transition on the concept of sport in Northern Europe
    Journal of physical education, 40(1):60-62, 1992
  • Historical contingency and political exploitation of the Olympic Games
    Proceedings of the International Association for the History of Physical Education and Sport (]G0010[)(]G0003[), 1991
  • A study on Norman Celtic ball-games
    Journal of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 39(7), 1989
  • A study on the concept of Viking's sport
    The encyclopedia monthly, 307, 1988
  • Lingianism and the natural method in Japan
    Proceedings of the International Association for the History of Physical Education and Sport XI, 1987
  • Physical education things in Sweden
    Journal of physical education, 29(13):62-64, 1981
  • A study on the concept of idrott in Sweden
    Tokai annual report of health and physical education, 1(1), 1979
  • Ling-the founder of Swedish gymnastik
    Journal of Physical education, 25(9), 1977

Research Grants

Cooperative research with industry
  • 1999 - 1999 , The present condition and subject on history of sporting goods
  • 1993 - 1993 , What is the new sport?

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