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Noda Atsunori

  • Faculty:ProvostPosition:Provost Professor Vice President
  • Address:1 Hirosawa,Igaya-cho,Kariya-shi,Aichi
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Research Field

  • Living Environment Studies
  • Keywords:Curriculum Studies

Current Subject

  • Empirical rearch of relation between "Concern and desire"in Life Enviroment Studies class and "Awareness"
    Keywords:Life Enviroment Studies
  • Consideration investigation of Cultivatiou activity in Life Enviroment Studies.
    Keywords:cultivation activity
  • Class analysis research by which searches for optimization of Life Environment Studies.
    Keywords:Life Environment Studies

Academic Background

Graduate School
  • Aichi University of Education , (Master's course , Graduate School, Division of Education) , 1984
  • Aichi University of Education , (Faculty of Education) , 1982
  • Master of Education

Research Career

Research Career
  • 2005 - , Professor
  • 1997 - 2005 , Associate Professor
Other Career
  • 2014 - , Vice President for Curriculum Reform


Books, Articles, etc.

  • The QA manual to understand all of Life Enviroment Studies Classes.
  • Role of nature in development of recognition
  • An Analysis of “KIZUKI”in Life Environment Studies
    1(1):9-16, 2003
  • An Analysis of Life Environment Studies Classes
    (2):143-149, 1999
  • An Analysis of Current State in Life Enviroment Studies Classes
    1(1):93-98, 1998
  • The Experienced study at handmade education course -the practice in region not given to natural environment-
    (6):239-244, 1998
  • Use of facilities in region and Problem of the practice research
    8(5):44-45, 1998
  • How i how to catch the child who might be the Life Enviroment Studies shown in the report card
    (73):46-47, 1997
  • Guidance and evaluation of Life Enviroment Studies by which familiarity with plant is deepened in city part.
    Science education research, (6):27-33, 1996
  • Life Enviroment Studies to which familiarity with plant deepens
    Nagoya City board of education, education resercher research report, 1995, :249-256, 1995
  • What should be of Life Enviroment Studies guidance by which aims at promotion of sensibility
    Japanese primary science education society bulletin, (66):19-25, 1994
  • Life Enviroment Studies done at region and school
    Science education reserch, (2):64-70, 1991
  • Target of Life Enviroment Studies to which familiarity with plant deepens.
    Aichi University of Education subject education center research report., (15):291-296, 1991
  • Meaning of breeding cultivation activity in Lefe Enviroment Studies.
    Science education research, (1):57-63, 1990
  • Guidance of life department by which giving activity is made continuous of wish
    Nagoya City education center report, 10(3):8-9, 1990
  • Natural area for infant education and relation to elementary school lower classes science
    Aichi University of Education subject education ceuter research report, (7):165-167, 1983

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