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Owada Michio

  • Faculty:Natural SciencesPosition:Professor Emeritus
  • Address:
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Research Field

  • Geography
  • Meteorology
  • Atomosperic Environment
  • Keywords:Climatology , Meteorology , Atomosperic Environment

Current Subject

  • Study of urban Heat island in the Urban City
    Keywords:Heat island
  • Cold air drainage of basin
    Keywords:cold air drainage , spectral analysis
  • Atomosperic environment of city
    Keywords:atomosperic environment
  • The Seasonal of Vertical Distributions of the Subtropical High Pressure Belts in the Northern Hemisphere

Academic Background

Graduate School
  • Hosei University , (Doctor course , Graduate School, Division of Humanities) , 1972(Unfinished course)
  • Hosei University , (Geography , Faculty of Literature) , 1968(Graduated)
  • University of Tsukuba


Books, Articles, etc.

  • Atomosperic Environment of the Ise-Bay and its Surrounding Area
    University of Nagoya Press, 1994
  • Prevaicling Winds in the Konsen-Genya,Southeastern Hokkaido
    Geographical Review of Japan, 46(8):505-515
  • The Seasonal Variation of Vartical Distribntions of the&0d0a;Subtropical High Pressnre Belts in the Northern Hemisphere
    The Bulletin of Aichi University of Education, Vol.L1 (Natural Science), 2002
  • Periodicity of Cold Air Drainage on the Westside Slope of Kamikawa Basin in Hokkaido
    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology, 51(4):329-334, 1995
  • The Relationship of Distribution of Ox Concentration and Local Circulation Winds Systems in Summer Season Presure patterm over the Ise-Bay and its Surrounding areas
    Geographical Reports, 77(Dec.):15-26, 1993
  • Numerical Analysis of Air Pollution in a Combined Field of Land/Sea Breeze and Mountain/Valley Wind
    Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology,Americon Meteorological Society, 25(6.767-784), 1986
  • The Distribution of Prevailing Winds over the Plains in Hokkaido in Summer
    Geographical Review of Japan, 51(4):283-300, 1978
  • A Study on the Bora Region on the Adriatic Coast of Yugoslavia by Means of Wind-Shaped Thees
    Geographieal Review of Japan, 47(3):155-164, 1974
  • On the Local Wind Disthibution and the Wind Break Density in the Shari-Abashiri Region,hokkaido
    Jonrnol of Agricultural Meteorology, 27(4):145-152, 1972
  • Prevailing Winds in the Ishikari plain,Hokkaido
    Geagraphical Review of Japan, 44(9.638-652), 1971

Arts, Fieldwork, etc

  • A Study of the Bora Region on the Adriatic Coast of Yugoslavia , 1970

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