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Ito Takahiro

  • Faculty:Department of Social StudiesPosition:Professor, Vice President for Entrance Examination Reform
  • Address:1 Hirosawa,Igaya-cho,Kariya-shi,Aichi
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Assigned Class

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Cooperative Doctoral Course in Subject Development

Research Field

  • Geography (Regional Geogarphy)
  • Human geography (Geography of Agriculture and Food)
  • Studies in Subject Development
  • Keywords:Food and Agricultural Geography , Regional Geography of Europe , Studies in Subject Development

Current Subject

  • Study on Evolution and Sustainability of Agricultural Space
    Keywords:Sustainability of Agricultural Space , Self-Sustained Evolution of Agricultural Space , Diffusion of Integrated Pest Management ,Milieu Programma Sierteelt and Good Agricultural Practice within Japan , Evolution of Environmentally Friendly Agriculture , Comparison Study of Japan and th Netherlands
  • Study on the Spatial Dynamics of Transborder Areas in Europe
    Keywords:Spatial Development of Cross-border Cooperation , Spatial Dynamics of Border Region
  • Developing Teaching Competence of Teacher and Development of Teaching Materials on Local Area Learning for Social Studies and Disaster Resilience Education
    Keywords:Development of Teaching Materials on Local Area Learning for Social Studies , Development of Teaching Materials on Regional Disaster Resilience Education

Academic Societies

Academic Societies
  • The Association of Japanese Geographers
  • The Human Geographical Society of Japan
  • Tokyo Geographical Society
  • The Japan Association of Economic Geographers
  • The Japanese Association of Professional Geographers
  • Japanese Association of Geographical Space
  • The Agricultural Marketing Society of Japan
  • Japanese Association for the Social Studies
  • Association of Geographers of Aichi University of Education

Academic Background

Graduate School
  • University of Tsukuba , (Doctor course , Doctoral Program in Geography and Hydorology , Graduate School of Geosciences (five-year consecutive)) , 1990(Unfinished course)
  • Aichi University of Education , (Master's course , Social Studies Education , Graduate School of Education) , 1987(Unfinished course)
  • Aichi University of Education , (Teacher Training Programs for Primary Education Major in Social Studies , Faculty of Education) , 1986(Graduated)
  • Doctor(Science) , University of Tsukuba (Japan)
  • Master(Science) , University of Tsukuba (Japan)

Research Career

Research Career
  • 2009 - , Aichi University of Education, Professor
  • 1995 - 2009 , Aichi University of Education, Associate Professor
  • 1990 - 1995 , Aichi University of Education, Research Assistant


Books, Articles, etc.

  • Cross-border cooperation within the Basel Metropolitan Area
    In Tezuka, A. and Kreha, M. eds : Alsace and Lorraine under the Era of European Integration. Ninomiya-shoten, 2008
  • Changes of Agricultural Landscape and the Future of Rural Area in Anjyo
    In The History of Anjyo City published by Anjyo City, 2008
  • Regional Geography of Higashi Mikawa (Eastern Part of Aichi)
    In Fujita, Y. and Tabayashi, A. eds : Regional Geography of Japan 7 Chuubuken (the Central Part of Japan). Asakura Publishing, 2007
  • Evolution of Agricultural Cooperatives in Japan
    In Yamamoto, S., Tabayashi, A., Taniuchi, S., Okuno, T., and Kanno, M. eds: Regional Geography of Japan 2  Introduction to Contemporary Japanese Society. Asakura Publishing , 2007
  • Spatial Structure of Japanese Agro-food System from the Viewpoint of Globalization of Food
    In Miyakawa, Y. and Yamashita, J. eds. : Regional Structure and Regional Planning, Minerva, 2006
  • Knowledge, Learning System and Self-sustained Evolution of Agriculture in Central Japan.
    In Mather, A. S. ed. Land Use and Rural Sustainability, The Commission on the Sustainable Development of Rural Systems, IGU, 2005
  • Industrialization of Agriculture and Spatial Transformation of Agro-food System in Japan: A Review of Japanese Geographical Studies after the 1980s
    in Takahashi, N. ed.: Review of Human Geography in the 21st Century. Kokon-shoin, 2003
  • Globalization of Agro-food System and Spatial Transformation of Agriculture in Japan
    In Kobayashi,K.ed: Regional Problems in the 21st Century, 2002
  • Self-sustained Evolution System of Agriculture from the Japanese Urban Fringe Experience
    In Kim. K., Bowler, I., and Bryant C. eds : Developing Sustainable Rural Systems. Pusan National University Press, 2001
  • A Review of Agricultural Geography in the early 1990's from the Viewpoint of Structural Transformation of Japanese Horticulture
    Japanese Association of Economic Geographers ed. "Outcomes and Issues of Economic Geography", 1997
  • Spatial Changes of Agricultural Areas since the Rapid Economic Growth-A Case Study on the Satsuma Production in Gamogori City, Aichi Prefecture.
    In Yamamoto S, Chitose J,and Mizoo,Y.eds: Regional Changes of Modern Japan, 1997
  • ITO Takahiro
    Evolution of Cross-border Co-operation in the Netherlands: The Case of the Dutch- German Border
    The New Geography, The Geographic Education Society of Japan, 58(1):43-53, 2010
  • KUREHA Masaaki & ITO Takahiro
    Spatial Evolution Rural Tourism in Romania
    Nogyo to keizai (Agriculture and Economics), Showado, 76(9):131-137, 2010
  • ITO Takahiro
    Evolution of Dutch Agricultural Landscape
    Chiri (Geography), Kokon-shoin, 54(5):78-89, 2009
  • ITO Takahiro
    A Few Remarks on the Contemporary Dutch Landscape from the comparison with the view of the Iwakura Mission
    Chiri (Geography), Kokon-shoin, 54(4):18-27, 2009
  • ITO Takahiro
    Spatial Characteristics on the Evolution of Trans-border City in the Southeastern Prat of Limburg, the Netherlands: A Case Study of Kerkrade
    The Geographical Reports, (106):15-32, 2008
  • ITO Takahiro
    Regional Integration and Regional Governance in the Old Border Region, EU
    Chiri Gepou, (486):1-4, 2005
  • ITO Takahiro
    A Review of Studies on Agricultural Geography in Japan, 2003
    The Human Geography, :266-269, 2004
  • ITO Takahiro
    Spatial Dynamics and Structure of the Cross-border Cooperation in the Basel Border Region, the Swiss-German-French Tri-national Border Area
    The Geographical Reports, (97):22-46, 2003
  • ITO Takahiro
    Evolution and Spatial Structure of the Cross-border Cooperation in the German, Dutch, and Belgian Tri-national Border Region
    The Geographical Reports, (96):1-22, 2003
  • ITO Takahiro
    Geography of Agricultural Industrialization and Agro-food System in Japan
    The Bulletin of Aichi University of Education, 52:181-189, 2003
  • ITO Takahiro
    Globalization of Agro-food Supply System and the Strategies on the Development of Agriculture in Japan
    The Bulletin of Aichi University of Education (Humanities/Social Sciences), 50:149-159, 2001
  • ITO Takahiro
    Bright and Shadow of Dutch Agriculture
    Chiri Gepo, (406), 2001
  • ITO Takahiro
    The Spatial Evolution and its Condition of Viable Pig Farming in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture
    The Geographical Reports, (89):,11-29, 1999
  • ITO Takahiro
    The Evolution of Dutch Polder Landscape
    The Geographical Reports, (88):45-55, 1999
  • ITO Takahiro
    Regional Structure of Beef Cattle Raising in Shizukuishi, Iwate Prefecture.
    The Bulletin of Aichi University of Education, 46:69〜78, 1997
  • ITO Takahiro&0d0a;
    Spatial Patterns of Vegetable Wholesale Marketing System in Japan
    The Geographical Reports, (85):28-39, 1997
  • ITO Takahiro
    Regional Characteristics of Garnish Cultivation in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture.
    Geographical Review of Japan, 66A(6):303-326, 1993
  • ITO Takahiro
    Evolution Garnish Producing Area in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture
    Journal of Geography, 102(1):28-49, 1993
  • ITO Takahiro
    Changes of Land Use Patterns on the Lower Southern Slopes of the Mt. Iwate, Iwate Prefecture
    The Bulletin of Aichi University of Education, 41:,7-45, 1992
  • Yamamoto S., Yamamoto M., Morimoto T., Kureha M., and ITO T.
    Locational Changes of Vegetable Production in the Northern Parts of Tokyo Metropolitan Area.
    Area Studies, (12):1-46, 1990
  • Yamamoto S., Nakagawa T., Yamamoto M., Ito T., Kureha M. and Shibuya S.
    Urbanization and Transformation of Rural Area on the Outer fringe of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
    Area Studies, (12):47-100, 1990
  • ITO Takahiro
    Development of Spray Mum Cultivation in Higashi Mikawa Plain, Aichi Prefecture.
    The Geographical Reports, (69):13-32, 1989
  • Yamamoto S., ITO T., Suyama S. and Kureha M.
    Changes of Land Use and Life Style in Matsushita District of Hasaki Town, Ibaraki Prefecture.
    Area Studies, (10):105-149, 1988
  • ITO Takahiro
    Evolution of Western Vegetable Producing Area in Atsumi, Aichi Prefecture
    The Geographical Reports, (64):28-40, 1987
  • ITO Takahiro
    Changes of Agricultural Processed Industrial Area in Atsumi, Aichi Prefecture: A Case Study of the Atsumi Takuan (Japanese Pickled Radishes)
    The Geographical Reports, (63):53-64, 1986

Arts, Fieldwork, etc

  • Spatial Dynamics of Trans-border Cities in the Dutch-German-Belgian Trinational Border Region , 2005
  • Changes of Land Use and Greenhouse Horticulture in the Netherlands , 2004
  • Spatial Transformation in the Transborder Areas of Europoan Megalopolis , 2001-2002
  • Spatial Transformation of Greenhouse Production Areas in the Netherlands , 2000-2002
  • Sustainable Development of Agriculture in the Netherlands and Sweden , 1997-1998
  • Land use Changes on the Greenhouse Production Areas in the Netherlands

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